Q Source is our leadership development program, LDP for short.  We cannot serve our core mission of reinvigorating community leadership if we do not develop those necessary leadership skills.  As with other aspects of F3 we believe that the best way to do something is by doing it.  To that end the best way to train leadership abilities is to lead.  To help with that You may be asked to Q a Q Source discussion.  To help you with that we’ve prepared a couple of documents that can help.  Here is a brief 1 page guide to help with that.

Preparation is a key to success in any endeavor.   That said in order to prepare yourself for success in your day to day life you need to mentally focus yourself.  You need to define your goals.  You need to know where to focus.  You need to know your strengths and weaknesses.  You kneed to know what distracts you.  You need a plan.  The 8-box is a tool that you can use to help create that plan.  Once you find yourself here you may be ready for the next step.  You may be ready to join a Shieldlock.  Your Shieldlock are the men that you turn to for support and accountability.  These are the men that you would find in your foxhole when things get tough.

You’ve Q’d a couple Q Source meetings and you are ready to step up and coordinate Q source at your AO.  We’ve got you covered here as well.  We’ve developed a guide that will help you facilitate discussion with the other men at Q Source.