F3 St. Charles: The Last Stop will host the 36th GTE April 28-30 2023. You should join us.

What is a GTE?

Think of GTE like a cross between a leadership seminar, an overnight hike and a team-based obstacle course race. You will learn about and practice leadership. You will bond with men. You will laugh and maybe cry and definitely think unkind thoughts about the cadre. You will ruck long hours. You will pick up heavy stuff and carry it across vast distances for no reason other than the cadre thinks it’s a good idea (see: think unkind thoughts). You will run and do burpees and curls and pushups and squats and who knows what other kind of exercises. You will get soaked, again and again, even if it’s not raining … especially if it’s not raining. You will hope for the sunrise more than any time in your life.

Why should I put myself through this?

We asked Cadre Danny “Linus” Stokes, who will lead the event, that very question. His answer: “There is a profound bonding effect that occurs as a result of the adversity, the pain and the anguish, the shared suffering, the struggle of getting through the event successfully and having to lean on your team members to do so. Every man in the event will have an opportunity to exercise leadership. We assign tasks that require a team to accomplish, and somebody has to lead each team. The truth about leadership is you cannot become better by reading about it, or by watching a video. This is a hands-on skill, a practical skill. And of course, we all fail, and we all suck at first. But we also get better because of the failing and sucking.”


That sounds awesome and terrible and I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. How will I know if I’m ready?

You should be nervous, worried, questioning whether you can handle 12-plus hours of strain across on your body, heart and mind.

This is a promise: You have what it takes. So is this: You better get ready, physically and mentally. And this: No matter how ready you are, you will turn gray. More important, you will jump back into color. You will be broken and put back together in one night.

And that’s where the real power of GTE reveals itself.

As Linus says, “Humans require pain to learn.”

One last promise: That pain won’t last, and it will be worth it.


All right I’m in. What’s this all going to cost me?

$169 2/1-3/29

$189 3/30 until GTE weekend

$49 GrowSchool only
But don’t let cost stop you. We are funding scholarships for those needing financial aid.

In addition to the cost of the GTE itself, if you want an event tshirt, they are available at Mudgear via this link:

What’s the schedule?

    Friday 4/28

    -1800 (6:00 PM): The Rally (2nd F Event)

    Saturday 4/29

    -0530 (5:30 AM): Pre-ruck

    -0630 (6:30 AM): The Kingbuilder (beatdown)

    -0830 (8:30 AM): Breakfast

    -0900 (9:00 AM): GrowSchool

    -1800 (6:00 PM): Ruck Event

    Sunday 4/30

    -Ruck conclusion, exact time determined by the Cadre

Can you pick me up at the airport and drop me off at a five-star resort and/or a moderately priced hotel?

If you need assistance with rides or other logistics support, please reach out to our Qs of Hospitality, and fill out the form in the link below. Accommodations are available from the Research Park Inn in St Charles. The deals for the hotel block are on a first-come-first-served basis.–v4YMoQW4Jbuzrj-lB3Zmz7vW6JQSbYQ/viewform

Research Park Inn – 636-329-8503, discount code: F3 GTE

Brian Boyer, AOL – – 314-575-8623
Chris Walker, Skivvies – – 314-750-5284

I’d love to support this event through some other capacity. How can I help?

Good news! If your heart for service makes you want to serve your fellow PAX, or your health prevents you from participating in the whole of this event, you are able to volunteer to be part of the Support Team. If this calls to you can reach out to our Support Team Q.

Jim Ottomeyer, Cyclone – – 636-734-6003

What should I bring, besides a stubborn streak, a stout heart, and a high tolerance for pain?

Required Equipment

  • Rucksack (20L minimum suggested volume)

  • 30lb weight (20lb weight if PAX weighs less than 150 lbs)

  • 6L of water (combined total between hydration bladders and bottles). 3L needs to be fresh
    water without any drink mixes or additives.

  • Headlamp w/red light capabilities & 1 full extra set of batteries

  • Reflective bands attached to Rucksack

  • Carabiner suitable for climbing

  • Photo identification

  • $20 in cash

  • Gloves

Optional Equipment

  • Electrolytes

  • Rain layer

  • Hat

  • Dry bag

  • Snacks

  • First Aid/Blister kit

  • Extra socks/shirt

  • Toilet Paper/Hand Sanitizer/Baby Wipes

  • Duct Tape

Prohibited Items

  • Phone

  • Watch

  • Garmin or other satellite enabled devices

  • Other electronic devices

I don’t know what half that stuff is. Who can help?

Josh Ritter, Jalopy – – 636-262-8950
Steve Zielinski, Mule – – 314-283-4454

There is loaner program in effect for this GTE. If you require any assistance with getting gear, these men can help on that front as well:

Got any final tips?

1.     Wear what you train in. Don’t buy new shoes or new socks or new anything else for this. Or if you do, use it A LOT to break it in before you get here.

2.     Avoid wearing cotton and definitely don’t have any touching your skin.

3.     Carbs before, sugar during, lean protein after. Bring sugar to eat overnight. Peanut butter M&Ms: chef’s kiss.

 4.     It’s not a race (except for the parts that are a race.)

What if I want more detail, or have questions not listed above?

All other inquires would be best served to go to the following HIMs:

Sam Feld, Kramer (GTE Q) – – 314-640-6347

Ryan Drafall, Peter Parker (Asst GTE Q) – – 636-288-8042

Kyle Luetters, Brick (St Charles Nan’tan) – – 636-543-0095